Walls and Structures

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Walls and Structures

Walls are 8 feet tall with 1×6” trim extending 3-4” above the wall.

We stop the walls separating the spaces two feet short of the end of your space and mark the edge of your space with a small Painted Tree logo. You may place merchandise and furniture in the space between the end of the wall and the edge of your space but we ask if you build a permanent structure that it fills less than 50% of the visual space between the wall and the end of your space. We do this to keep the aisle’s feeling wide to the eye so that shoppers don’t look down the aisle, see another person with a cart, and skip the aisle feeling it is too tight to pass.


If you would like to make alterations to your space, build a structure, or paint walls in your space, please obtain approval of the plans and color by Painted Tree staff. Failure to obtain permission for paint colors and/or construction deemed unfit may result in an additional cost for correction. Walls may be painted but trim or bookshelves (if applicable) may not in order to provide a unified and coherent look throughout the store.