How the Waitlist Works

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How the Waitlist Works

If there is not an available space in the location you are interested in, your application will be added to the waitlist. You should receive an email within 2 business days of submitting your application that you have been placed on the waitlist.

When a space becomes available, our team will select a few applicants from the list who seem to be the best fit for that store at that time and contact them. At that point, the first person to pay the deposit and first month’s rent secures the space. The length of time someone is on the waitlist is not a factor in who is contacted for available space. Instead, the waitlist is heavily weighted on the applicant’s ideas for a well designed space, the type and quality of the merchandise, the experience a person has selling items through other means, and the marketing strategy they have or plan to incorporate.

We also try, but cannot promise, to offer those who already have space at Painted Tree with a proven track record, the opportunity to claim another space before moving to the waitlist. If you are a current vendor and would like more space or a specific space, please notify your store manager. They will make a note in the system and will be notified when space becomes available.

If you have been placed on a waitlist for one location, the fastest way to get into that store may be to take an available space at another location, as we try to give our current vendors the first opportunity at spaces that may be coming available.