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Loss Prevention

Keeping your items safe is something we take very seriously at Painted Tree. While shoplifting is not a major problem in our stores, it does exist. Walmart can’t stop it. TJ Maxx can’t stop it. And neither can we. That said, we do everything we can to make Painted Tree a difficult mark for shoplifters.


First, we install real and dummy cameras throughout every corner of the store to make shoplifters feel uncomfortable.

Painted Tree is serious about merchandise security. One of the greatest tools we have against shoplifting is the security gates we install by the front doors. Unlimited security tags are offered, at no additional cost, to be placed on your items. When a security tag that hasn’t been scanned by our team goes through the gates, an alarm will sound. Our team is trained to say, “Excuse me, I must have missed something. Can I go through your items to make sure I scanned everything correctly?” If the gates still go off after checking them, our team will ask, “Any chance something fell in your clothing or in your purse? Why don’t you check in the dressing room?” In most cases, they find the item and pay for it, or they leave it in the dressing room for us to take back later. In the very rare occasion that the shoplifter makes a run for it, our team will try to follow the individual, take a picture of the license plate, and call the police. We will prosecute, and as a vendor, you have the right to prosecute as well.

We want you to protect your items. We have 3 different types of security tags. Barcode stickers can be added to your products and will set off the alarm if they have not been deactivated. Clothing tags are made for clothing and are very difficult to remove without the proper tool. They will set off the alarm if they have not been removed. Jewelry can be difficult to protect due to its size. We do have some special tags for jewelry, but we also recommend placing cameras in your space to further deter would be shoplifters.


Painted Tree is not responsible for any loss that occurs due to theft or any other reason and does not insure inventory or personal property for potential losses. You may obtain insurance on your inventory by contacting an insurance agent.


If you notice a missing item, please notify our staff and we will search for the item. Often, a shopper will pick up an item and put it down in another place in the store. Please ask your manager about the location of your store’s “lost and found” as well.