Rugs, Hardwood, and other Flooring

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Rugs, Hardwood, and other Flooring

Hardwood/Laminate Flooring

We always recommend adding your own flooring to your space, as long as it is not glued or nailed down. It should be a “floating floor”. Any use of glue or adhesive will result in fines and a loss of the deposit.


You are welcome to use rugs to add visual interest to your space, but we don’t generally recommend them. They can be dangerous, as someone can slip on them and can trip over the edges. They also tend to get dirty. If you do use a rug, please ensure the rug cannot slip and the edges lay flat so that it is not a hazard to our shoppers. This may mean putting a mat down or taping the edges to the ground.

Adhesive Flooring

We ask you to avoid using any kind of adhesive if you choose to add custom flooring into your space.