When Something Doesn’t Look Right on Your Account

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When Something Doesn’t Look Right on Your Account

When something doesn’t look right on your account activity it is often because the transactions shown are a snapshot of only those that occurred during that month, so balances and payments made from a previous month are not included.

To get a more accurate portrayal of your account, change the date range at the top of the screen to the previous month(s) to see whether there is a balance on the account that has carried over. Please note any number in parentheses is a negative amount. Examples of negative adjustments may include rent, dropshipping fees, and returned items.

Additional advice: We’ve found it best to input 1 month at a time and add up everything by hand. The 1st – 31st will show activity for just that month. The big boxes at the top are often inaccurate because they are only showing activity based on the date range selected and do not take into account negative balances that rolled over. Use the “consignor amount” (First box on the left) instead of the net amount box. Also, note that the Fees and Adjustments box excludes payout (which is a negative adjustment on your account to show we paid you for the previous month’s sales).

For more help, please reach out to your store manager. Often the intricacies of the system can be confusing and your store manager can be a great resource to clear things up. If help is still needed, please contact our admin team by filling out the help form or calling 844-762-3342.