Shelving, Racks, and Display Pieces

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Shelving, Racks, and Display Pieces

The setup and display of your space are opportunities to set your space apart and draw in shoppers to buy your products. Investing more time and energy during the setup process often increases your long-term sales prospects, so think outside the box! The shelving and racks should reflect the creativity and originality of our store community while staying true to the cohesive Painted Tree aesthetic.

We ask that you steer clear of:

  • Pegboard
  • Four-way clothing racks
  • Metallic grid
  • Tables with folding legs
  • Cardboard/plastic boxes to display items

If you must use any of these display pieces, please cover them with another material or simply “dress them up” to ensure your space meets the aesthetic standard of Painted Tree.

Here are some creative setup ideas from current shop owners that demonstrate exactly what we’re looking for in a space: