Can I print barcode tags from home?

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Can I print barcode tags from home?


To print from home, you will need

1). A computer running Windows (not a Mac or Chromebook)

2). A compatible label printer (usually around $200)

3). The labels ($90 for nearly 17,000 labels)

Start by downloading the print from home software from SimpleConsign by clicking here.

When downloading the windows app, you may need to click approve to verify that you trust the file, since it’s coming from a third-party source.
Once the software is downloaded and installed in Windows, you will then sign in to your ConsignorAccess one store at a time.

Click “Add Account” on the left-hand side, and fill out your Consignor ID and password in the indicated fields!

For the domain field, you will enter your store’s name in one word, with no spaces. For example, the Memphis location’s domain is “memphis”, whereas the Little Rock location’s name is “littlerock”. If there is any confusion, you can sign in to your consignor access, and check the very beginning part of the link for the domain.

For more help, please contact [email protected].