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Return Policy

If a customer returns an unused and non-damaged item within two days of the original purchase, Painted Tree will re-tag and restock the item. In rare cases, Painted Tree may make exceptions beyond the two day return policy if circumstances warrant.

In some instances, when a shopper purchases an item that doesn’t fit, our team will allow the shopper to exchange the item for one in a different size even after the two-day period has expired. We want to do everything we can to offer great service to our shoppers in hopes that they will offer repeat business and spread the word about our store to their friends and family.

Return Philosophy

National retailers offer returns because they know when shoppers feel safe purchasing items they can return, they will purchase more. When we introduced a return policy a few years after opening Painted Tree, we saw an immediate increase in overall store sales of 10-20%. Painted Tree is in direct competition with other major home decor and apparel retailers like Target, TJ Maxx, or Homegoods, all of whom accept returns. In the end, accepting returns leads to more sales, not less, and we want everyone to sell more.